Omnichannel messaging made easy

Netsize is an omnichannel mobile messaging provider that helps you build stronger customer relationships through impactful engagement and personalized user experiences.


5 reasons to choose Netsize

Picking a partner for your business is never easy - that's why we're helping you make the right choice

Omnichannel coverage
By providing a wide selection of mobile messaging solutions such as SMS, rich SMS, Rich Communication Services (RCS) and over-the-top (OTT) messaging, Netsize is able to offer campaign automation featuring true failover capability.
Ease of use
With an intuitive and modern interface, our software lets you relax and streamline your campaign management and increase your efficiency.
Customer engagement
Netsize helps transform your campaigns from simple text messages to engaging conversations with your customers in a personalized manner through new channels.
Trust and transparency
In order to certify deliverability and ensure that you feel safe and secure using our services, we provide delivery receipts certified by MNOs and a detailed account of your campaigns.
On top of your game
Through real-time analytics, behavioral tracking and professional services, Netsize helps you stay on top of things for a personalized customer journey.
MEFTV speaks to Eric Brouard, Marketing Director at Netsize

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Netsize – a Gemalto company

By being a global leader in omnichannel messaging solutions, Netsize’s utmost priority is to ensure a high level of safety and security when communicating with consumers in their day-to-day lives. That is augmented by the level of our expertise, certifications and policies, but also by being a part of Gemalto, a world-leading, international digital security company.

With 15,000 employees and revenues of over €3 billion, Gemalto serves some of the largest organizations in nearly every country worldwide and have since 2000 been invested in Netsize and have helped support the company in its quest for safe and secure engagement solutions

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