4 questions to Eric Brouard, Director of Operator Partnerships

Eric currently heads up an international team working with mobile network operators putting together solutions for the deployment of mobile services for merchants and service providers.  He has been with Netsize, a Gemalto company, since 2000, based in SE Asia, Australia and Europe.

At the Global Carrier event in London today at 12.20 Eric will be talking about “A user centric assessment for mobile commerce”.

Read his insights about Carrier Billing and SMS in 5 questions:

What are your thoughts about the rapid growth of mobile commerce worldwide?
This is one of most dynamic area nowadays. For example: Apple Pay, Samsung, Google are leaders in this field, but we are seeing a surge of companies investing heavily and the market is expanding.
Contactless payments are expected to rise in the next year, with the number of mobile wallets estimated to reach 200 million by the end of 2016, representing a 100% increase since December 2014.The market has been expanding in terms of reach, but also in terms of different business verticals.
Mobile commerce is now synonymous with eCommerce.

Where does carrier billing fit in the future of mobile commerce, compared to other online payment methods?
There are a number of advantages to carrier billing as a payment method; it is fast, simple and inclusive for those without a bank account, or who prefer not to enter card details, and it comes with the advantage of no pre-registration. It does not compete with credit card billing over mobile devices and when you provide the option of credit card and MNO billing for the same service, there is an increase of 23% of revenue generated.
New sectors are opening up for carrier billing such as ticketing, vending and parking. Pending some clarifications regarding the EU directive PSD 2.0 and the use of a financial license, you will soon be able to purchase even physical goods with your mobile phone.

Who can benefit from carrier billing and how?
Any company requiring payment of small amount stands to benefit from carrier billing. In France, a survey conducted by the industry regulator showed that 60% of the mobile users are more likely to pay with their mobile than a credit card when the amount is below 10 EUR.
We are moving towards a cashless but ultra-connected world where people are more likely to forget their wallet than their mobile phone.   Carrier billing is a major player in that world and all companies dealing with micropayments are including it in their payment strategies.

Which in your opinion are the key reasons to use Netsize solutions?
With a few words: Coverage, local teams and real market experience. Our product range is very diverse, covering two complementary offers: carrier billing and messaging.

You can read more about mobile solutions and trends in our Gemalto Netsize Guide, a collection of articles on our connected world. Want to know how Netsize can help you with your billing? contact us!

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