5 questions to Peter Garside, Sales director Netsize

Peter’s view is that mobile technology makes the world a better place, allowing the individual to be super-human to achieve more in less time as well as enabling people to create, share and exchange knowledge in real time. It’s for that reason that he works in this industry because it makes people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.   His job is to make these beliefs come true.  Peter is currently the Sales Director at Netsize in London, responsible for an international team for both mobile messaging and payment.

Here are his answers on 5 questions about SMS and customer interaction.

1. Why SMS? Isn´t SMS “old” and an outdated channel in today’s online- and app focused world?
Oxygen is old and I still find a use for it! Telephones are old and I still find a use for them. SMS is old and it is more important today than it has ever been. I would have missed by doctor’s appointment today if it wasn’t for SMS.
Apps are amazing but it is impossible to get people to download them in large numbers.  No retailer, no business, has ever got the majority of their customer to download an APP.  If I had an app for every organization I interacted with I would have thousands of apps on my phone.  In reality I only use about 5 apps including the calculator.  For as long as organizations or machines want to communicate with customers, SMS will exist

2. What do retailers benefit from using SMS when communicating with their customers?
For retailers SMS is the default tool for communicating with customers.  If you send an email, most people will never read it.  If you send an SMS everyone will read it.  Bottom line is if you have a message to tell your customers, send an SMS.

3. When should a company use SMS for communication?
If the information is related to the service you provide you can send as many as your like.  For example; the delivery of your package or if you are measuring the experience of your service.
But note that if you are advertising to the customer you need to have their opt-in.  You also need to be careful that you do not annoy the customer by advertising too frequently and I always suggest also that you offer an opt-out.

4. Is it difficult to create these type of dialogues/surveys? Please elaborate.
Netsize makes SMS surveys super easy.  We have an online tool where you are in charge.  You decide what to ask, how many questions to ask and when.  You are also in control of the results through the online tool.  This tool is a really powerful tool to see what your customers think about any given topic. It is also an excellent way to measure your net promotor score.

5. If you could only pick one reason you would choose SMS, which would it be?
Time is short! SMS are short! Everybody reads their SMS!

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