Keeping it simple – The humble SMS at the service of the public loo.

When thinking about what makes life more convenient for the average citizen, we tend to think in terms of SMS parking solutions, bus tickets and vending machines. Why? Because these require small transactions which can be debited to the mobile phone bill by the use of a simple SMS and short code.

In Sweden, one of our customers, 4Access AB, is taking the theme of urban convenience to the next level: The public loo.

Using Netsize’s SMS solution, 4Access AB, in Sweden, gives you access to public loos. For the cost of 10 Swedish kronor (or 1€) you simply send a message to the short code as advertised on the door keypad. You receive instantaneously a code on you mobile phone which you enter into the keypad to grant you access to the loo. What you do in there is up to you!

SMS access to the public loo.

SMS access to the public loo.

Of course, there are other use cases, managed by 4Access. These include solariums, car parking spaces, unmanned gyms, bars, golf ball dispensers and green fee and camping grounds, ports, washing machines, car washes, slot machines, entertainment, etc… (check which ones use SMS short code). For the sake of this blog, I prefer to focus on the public loo.

Netsize supplies the SMS short code and the billing solution which has been in place already for over a year. 4Access AB is planning their world wide domination, expanding from Sweden to Denmark, Norway, Finland and even the UK.

How SMS access works

How SMS access works

For you as a consumer, there are many benefits:
• No need to fiddle around with change
• Works with all types of mobile phones
• No internet connection required

For public loo service providers, what could be simpler?
• Increased transactions per customer using the mobile channel instead of cash
• Reduced risk of theft because no cash is involved
• No Internet connection, completely off-line, which means simplified installation and administration.
• High availability (“up-time”) to the code terminal

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