Operator Services

A fully outsourced and managed solution adapted to your business needs.

A fully outsourced, hosted and managed solution that allows operators to make money from their SMS services, streamline operations and avoid high software expenses.

As one of the global market leaders, Netsize has played an instrumental role in establishing and driving the existing mobile billing ecosystem in a number of regions.

  • 2B transaction /year
  • 800M € end user transaction value
  • More than 2 billion consumer devices reachable on Netsize payment platform
  • Personalized messaging reaching more than 7 billion consumers worldwide.
  • More than 160 operator agreements

Netsize Operator Services help Operators to launch and manage innovative and cost efficient Premium and Messaging services for its Merchants and End Users.

Monetize your assets

Our customizable platform gives speed and flexibility to quickly launch new products, test new business models and grow your revenue. Proven modular solution, featuring easily adapted and integrated components.

Key benefits

  • Reduces costs, time-to-market, and the complexity of local regulations
  • Launch new services in a flexible and fast way
  • Solve key issues related to e.g. onboarding, compliance and settlement
  • Increase revenue from installed user base