Operator Billing

Payment for successful business.

Operator Billing can be accessed by a potential 2 billion customers across 160 mobile operators in 50 countries. Integrating operator billing into your mobile offer can significantly increase the volume of payment transactions.


Maximize conversion with no enrollment

Netsize enables smooth payments for digital goods and services, reaching a worldwide audience. Consumers pay in seconds with just SMS or clicks from their desktop, tablet and/or mobile device. The entire ordering and payment process is a seamless consumer experience.

  • Direct Billing is the future of Mobile Payment

    It is flexible, quick and convenient. We provide direct billing for most mobile operators which supports it in all countries in which we operate. Netsize has the largest direct billing coverage.

  • SMS is the easiest way to charge a consumer

    Netsize SMS Billing enables your customers to order digital goods and services and pay using their mobile phone via SMS. It is a perfect solution for services that address a wide audience, range of devices, and virtually all mobile phones in the world.