Interact in real-time with millions of clients directly on their smartphone

LINK Conversations enables you to mimic chats with actions for dialogues with your customers, prospects and collaborators through their smartphone wherever they are, no matter what they are doing.


All your content, to all your customers across
100% of smartphones

Universal channel

Communicate towards all smartphones, regardless of the operating system (Adroid & iOS) and the mobile operator.

Rich embedded content

Share easily with your customers all types of multimedia content: images, videos, voice messages, QR codes, URLs, etc.

Customizable design

Customize the chat window with the color of your company (logo, design, chromatics…) for an enhanced customer’s experience.

How to use LINK Conversations for mobile conversation by chat ?
3 easy steps

1 Create conversation design

  • – Use your logo and company’s main colors

  • – Customize the dialogue from customers’ feedbacks

  • – Use the web platform or a unique API

2 Launch your campaign

  • – Use the right channel for your customers at the right time

  • – Segment every scenario based on each type of customer


3 Analyze and exploit feedbacks

  • – Evaluate the results according to your KPIs

  • – Collect valuable information about your customers

  • – Identify development projects and the key areas for improvement

An easy-to-use, unique interface to create your conversation scenarios



Using the same interface and with the help of the drag and drop tool, you can create workflow scenarios on mobile phones based on your customers’ feedback.

Multichannel communication

New channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and OTT channels are constantly added

Supported Channels



Facebook messenger


LINK web

LINK web





LINK Conversations, user experience creator

Improve customer knowledge through targeted, instantaneous and customized discussions


Exploit all opportunities to start closer dialogue with your customers. LINK Conversations helps you to build customer experience by collecting feedbacks directly through their smartphone.

Satisfaction surveys, polls, market studies…

CRM Database

Product launch,
consumer panels

Customer Project qualifications: real estate, travels, children…

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