Create unique mobile experience for your customers with the Rich SMS solution

Engage your customers through innovative marketing content and maximize your SMS campaigns’ ROI by associating interactive mobile web pages to your SMS messages.


Rich SMS is the new way for compagnies to interact with their customers. It can be easily installed within our Saas plateform.


Take SMS marketing to a new level and provide visual and interactive content to your customers using : scratch cards, videos, bar codes, contact forms, store itineraries, etc.

Reach your marketing goals


Increase conversion rates

Trigger the need to buy by capitalizing on the playfulness of Rich SMS


Generate traffic to sales points

Integrate gaming strategy to spread your offers and transform the Rich SMS into an efficient drive-to-store tool


Be better than your competitors

Stand out by offering an innovative mobile experience to your customers

1. Write out the SMS

Create the message you would like to send to your customers to broadcast your promotional offers :


Discount codes


Private sales invitations


Open House days


Clearance Sales

Insert a link in your SMS message to redirect your customers to the Rich SMS

2. Design your mobile web page


available widgets

Logo & images

Insert your logo and customize the Rich SMS with the colors of your company

Image sms a gratter

Scratch cards

Create a scratchable image to reveal a prize or an offer

bouton de rappel sms

Click to Call

Insert a call to action button in your landing page to generate a call by clicking


Text blocks

Write up your advertising slogans and offer content without any limitation in characters


Call To Action

Insert call to action buttons to generate conversions: direct purchases, calls, reservations, downloads etc.

geolocalisation sms

Store access

Facilitate your customer’s mobility by leading them to the closest sales point with the quickest itinerary

An easy to use, intuitive and creative design tool

Create breathtaking landing pages for mobiles, in just a few clicks from your computer.

No technical skill needed

Measure the performance of your SMS campaign

Identify the main key performance indicators for your campaign’s success, then optimize the content of your messages and reduce communication costs:

➡️ Taux de clics dans le SMS

➡️ Taux de clics sur la landing page,

➡️ Taux d’images grattées, etc.



Different uses for different lines of businesses


Broadcast your promotional offers

code-barre sms

Bar codes

Insert a unique or customized bar code scannable at the cash desk directly from the smartphone

compte a rebours sms


Insert a countdown in your landing page to give a sense of urgency to your offers


Invite your customers to the company’s events


QR codes

Insert QR code such as: E-tickets, information services, a link to the web page, discounts…


Announce the launch of new services

video dans un sms


Broadcast your tutorials, customer interviews, new collection launch

bouton telecharger l appli

Click to download

Add a return button to the App Store or google play to download your mobile App.


Want to know how it works ?

Get a free test now and experience Rich SMS on your smartphone

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