Messaging coverage
Netsize provides a wide traditional messaging coverage via SMS split into two variants: One-way and two-way communications. Our one-way messaging solutions are push SMS via Direct-to-Operators connections with the highest quality in over 25 countries, and in over 220 countries worldwide, the most cost-effective route is found and delivered for your global messaging needs. Two-way messaging creates impactful consumer interactions, where you can engage in conversations with your audience and strengthen your relationship with your customers further through customer feedback polls, SMS sweepstakes, loyalty programs, appointment bookings, and more. Both short codes and long numbers are offered by Netsize. Short codes are optimal for local communications, they're easy to remember and are offered in over 20 countries. Long numbers are recommended for global two-way communications: cost-effective, quick to launch and available in over 10 countries.

Voice messaging
Connecting with your customers through SMS can sometimes exclude parts of your customer base, for example the visually impaired or users without a mobile phone. For enterprises who use SMS to deliver critical and time-sensitive messages, such as one-time PIN numbers or service messages, Netsize provides a solution by offering a universal and reliable voice messaging service. Through our Text-To-Speech technology, you can create customized audio prompts by using text input from 2 voices in over 20 languages and Netsize enables you to play prerecorded audio (voice prompts and music) using files stored on our server sent via FTP. Furthermore, the service includes answering machine detection, which determines if a call has been received by a person, answering machine or fax. The technology also detects the end of an answering machine greeting, which leads to no messages being cut off when recorded.

Rich messaging
Rich SMS is mobile engagement at its best. Netsize offers a way to optimize your customer's experience with beautifully designed campaigns. Whether you want to promote your business, drive more sales or alert your customers of an upcoming promotion, Netsize now offers a way to engage your customers with vibrant multimedia messaging campaigns. Going beyond the traditional SMS, Rich SMS enlivens your content with videos, animations, and colorful images. Tailor made for you, and easy to design, Netsize will guide you through choosing the best option to reach and retain your customer base with a guaranteed maximum return on investment.

The future
Netsize is expanding its portfolio with offers related to RCS, OTT messaging, Mobile Identity and Attribute services. The mobile messaging market is rapidly expanding and finding new ways to engage and retain your customers is key.

With RCS (Rich Communication Services) technology you can reach your customer by sending innovative branded content including images, videos and PDF's. RCS also allows you to create a more interactive format by suggesting replies and actions. You will also be able to track your message delivery and gain powerful insights via real-time analytics to optimize future messages.

OTT (Over the Top) or value added messaging is another way mobile messaging is evolving. With the advent of instant messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber and more, brands discover yet compelling additional channels to reach their users.
Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber and more, brands discover yet compelling additional channels to reach their users. Benefits of messenger apps include engaging in a two-way discussion and introducing elements to enhance the customer service experience such as Chatbots.

Mobile Identity and Attributes is another key sector Netsize is exploring with telecommunication operators and GSMA in several markets. There are many possibilities related to this new business opportunity that ranges from Authentication, Authorization, Identity and Attribute services. Netsize is consistently on top of the markets upcoming needs and specially focused on providing Fraud Protection APIs leveraging on operator data, like SIM Swap, Call Divert or KYC Match.

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Mobile Identity and Attribute Services
Netsize web portal
To help and support our clients with their messaging campaigns, we have created a centralized web portal where all of our clients have single access to self-care tools for their campaign management. The Netsize web portal is an all-in-one interface for omnichannel messaging campaigns from where you can design, send and analyze messaging campaigns across multiple integrated channels. The web portal can be linked in CRM tools and allow for scalable and secure behavior tracking and real time analytics. SMS traffic reports and stats can easily be accessed, and the web portal enables you to analyze your results and find optimization areas instantly. Through the portal, the Netsize technical support is also at hand to always help with any queries.

Full integration services
With over 15 years of messaging expertize and detailed experience from a multifaceted industry, Netsize can address all integration scenarios by offering campaign customization and customer-centered professional services. For customers with specific integration constraints, Netsize's experts will be able to find the best solutions to adapt our offerings to the customer's needs. For customers who wish to work in an agency mode, Netsize is able to provide end-to-end campaign management via the single access Netsize customer web portal, through which customers can start with a brief, go through the design & validation process, distribute the campaign and receive analysis reports of their campaigns. Using our platform in full SaaS mode means that no prerequisite technical efforts or skills are required from our customers and your marketing teams are fully autonomous in managing your messaging campaigns with full support from Netsize.

5 reasons
Picking a partner for your business is never easy - that's why we're helping you make the right choice.
Omnichannel coverage
By providing a wide selection of mobile messaging solutions such as SMS, rich SMS, Rich Communication Services (RCS) and over-the-top (OTT) messaging, Netsize is able to offer campaign automation featuring true failover capability.
Ease of use
With an intuitive and modern interface, our software lets you relax and streamline your campaign management and increase your efficiency.
Customer engagement
Netsize helps transform your campaigns from simple text messages to engaging conversations with your customers in a personalized manner through new channels.
Trust and transparency
: In order to certify deliverability and ensure that you feel safe and secure using our services, we provide delivery receipts certified by MNOs and a detailed account of your campaigns.
On top of your game
Through real-time analytics, behavioral tracking and professional services, Netsize helps you stay on top of things for a personalized customer journey.

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